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U.S. Security Associates

U.S. Security Associates (USA) is the market-leading, wholly-owned American, full-service safety and security solutions provider. With over 160 locally-responsive offices and over 50,000 dedicated professionals, they offer the most complete array of security solutions to ensure better outcomes.

U.S. Security Associates is one of America’s largest security companies, with over $1.3 billion in annual revenues and 160 operating locations. These are the faces of security officers on the front lines serving 5,300 clients. They are the faces of military veterans, retired law enforcement, Fortune 500 corporate security directors and men and women who have risen through the ranks internally. They are the faces of 50,000 security professionals who believe U.S. Security Associates is the world’s best security company, each doing their part to deliver world class customer service.

The principles of U.S. Security Associates are:

- Keeping people, property and information SAFE, with the best practices that optimize efficiency and cost effectiveness, while successfully protecting their clients’ brands and reputation.

- Delivering on every commitment made to U.S. Security Associates’ clients, fellow employees and the communities where they work in order to systematically reduce risk and provide a SECURE environment.

- Maintaining a FRIENDLY approach to all they do, with mutual respect for every person, so that all of their security and safety personnel are approachable, competent and helpful.

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