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“We’ve come a long way” since our creation in 2004. Ever since we started you have expected more because of our extensive hands-on water filtration experience, and that’s precisely what we are currently delivering. We call it “Total Solution Technologies”. TST Water has fast become a leading manufacturer of water filtration products. And we are proud of the fact that virtually all of our high quality products are now manufactured right here in the U.S.A. “Back to the USA” has fast become our manufacturing credo.

Our product mix includes the complete line of WaterSentinel® water filters for virtually all residential refrigerators, swimming pools, dishwashers and even filtered water for pets; BevGuard® water filters for the beverage industry; UltraGuard® water filters for ultra-filtration using specialized membrane technology as well as a comprehensive array of specialty water filtration products.

42188 Rio Nedo

Temecula, CA 92590

Mounir Ibrahim (Cheif Financial Officer) – 805.857.5399

Telephone: Toll Free 866.218.8473 or 951.541.9517

Fax: 951.296.1050



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