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In T.K. Tae Kwon Do, Grandmaster Tae Kwon Park, who has 30 years of teaching experience, will help you establish Self-Confidence, Discipline, Physical fortitude, Self-Control.

These characteristics are the real focus during training in the authentic martial arts tradition.

With so much discussion about getting fit, the core purpose of real martial arts practice has been lost in many studios, but with us that’s not the case; we take pride in setting our educational and motivational focus on the aforementioned qualities.

It is our hope that you will allow us to take you on this journey to stronger self- confidence and accomplishment through our program.

Practice hard and you will soon accomplish far more than you thought you could do.

Traditional Martial Arts

Grand Master Tae Kwon ParkĀ 

Canyon Country Studio

19174 Soledad Canyon Road

Canyon Country, CA 91351

Telephone: 661.297.0883

Telephone: 661.297.0883

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