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Relationship is core to who we are. We are constantly in relationship – with our self, with others, with God. The majority of people who enter into counseling do so because they are struggling in one of these primary relationships. You may seek counseling because you are feeling anxious or depressed or because you are struggling with an addiction, but underneath lie our relationships. Much of the pain and struggle in our life, as well as our joy and satisfaction, come from relationship. If our problems and pain come through relationship, it only makes sense that our healing comes through relationship as well. In counseling we wrestle with issues of identity, trust, forgiveness, grief, loneliness. These are all directly linked to our relationships. How have you been affected by core relationships currently and throughout your life? And what kind of style of relating –healthy and unhealthy–have you adopted as a way of coping with things that you feel you are missing? Counseling is all about relationship – relationship between therapist and client, relationship between you and the people in your life. We use interactions in counseling to identify primary ways of dealing with others in your life.

Chante Rogers (MFC 52274)

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

279955 Smyth Drive # 101

Valencia, CA 91355

Telephone: (661) 904-9912

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