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Royal Tandoor

Indian cuisine is as diverse as its culture, languages, religions and climate. Indian food has evolved over centuries and has flourished under the many rulers that India had. The cuisine has been influenced by the Aryan settlers, the Arab and Chinese traders, emperors and conquerors such as the Persians, Moghuls, Greeks, Turks, the Portuguese and the British.

Art of Tandoor (clay oven charcoal grill) cooking is in the delicate combination of fresh meats marinated with aromatic spices and cooked in the high temperatures of a charcoal fire in a clay oven. This does not mean that Indian dishes are always hot or spicy. It does mean that food is well-seasoned and aromatic with health-promoting properties.

Under the patronage of the rajahs of India, the art of Tandoor cooking was elevated to a high level of advancement and professionalism. The royal chefs understood the finer points of food, the art of presentation and created exquisite preparations to create exotic delicacies for their rajahs and their royal durbars. The result is centuries of patronage to the art of cooking and a large repertoire of delicious recipes.

Royal Tandoor welcomes diners to share the history and experience the Royal Indian Cuisine in a contemporary style with their Chefs and Tandoor artisans who hails from the family of well-known Lucknowi royal chefs so the world may be more intimate with the true taste of Indian Royal Kitchen Specialties served in a royal ambiance in impeccable settings and the exotic flavor to make diners feel like true royalty.

Experience the art of Indian Fine Dining!

Bicky Nann, Manager


26532 Bouquet Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91350


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