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Liberty Tax Service

Every year, Americans are faced with the prospect of tax return preparation. Although many will try to go it alone, every year more turn to a tax consultant like Liberty Tax. Our goal is to provide the feeling of a personal tax consultant alongside the security, confidence, and protection that a large company can provide. Liberty Tax continues to firmly establish its growing presence and increasing market share in the personal income tax industry. There are over 4,500 Liberty Tax Service offices operating in the United States and Canada, where we operate as Liberty Tax Service Canada.

 Liberty Tax Service started in Canada on September 1, 1997 when CEO John Hewitt acquired a Canadian tax franchisor, U&R Tax Depot. In 1998, the company became Liberty Tax Service and opened 5 offices in the United States. Liberty Tax Service is headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia and continues to expand, offering personal income tax service and more in an ever-growing list of locations nationwide.

Phone: (661) 296-1000    Fax: (661) 296-6545


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