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L’More’ Dance

Performing Arts Studio

Madeline Vergari Neumann and her daughter, Gina Neumann, have been teaching voice and dance for many years in the Santa Clarita Valley. They have decided to join forces and open a performing arts studio.
Coming up with a name of our new studio was easy for us. L’amoré means “the love” in Italian, and that is what we want to experience at our studio. (L’amoré is pronounced “La- more-ā”.)
All students benefit from outlets for personal growth. Students who are busy in healthy outside activities have no time to get involved in negative pastimes. Our goal is to pass our love of the arts on to our students, and to help them reach their potential, while instilling values of discipline and dedication. We plan to provide a professional atmosphere in which to train students in dance, voice, and other performing arts. Our new studio offers top-of-line Sprung and Marley floors, designed to decrease injury and enhance your dancing experience. Our staff will strive to be positive role models, while giving the students many performance opportunities, primarily in the Santa Clarita Valley.


28065 Smyth Dr.

Valencia, CA 91355

Telephone: (661) 673-7970

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