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Jim Masters

An award-winning, seasoned, trusted, credible, broadcast & multi-media professional. TV & radio personality/host/correspondent/spokesperson/voice talent/writer/producer/marketing & lifestyle expert/journalist/mc in the communications, broadcasting, entertainment, advertising industries for almost 30 years with a solid, successful track record, wealth of experience, skill, and talent.

For 25 + years Jim has been a familiar face on public television in southern New England as on-camera TV personality, host, spokesperson, celebrity interviewer, fundraiser and emcee for PBS affiliate, the Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network’s CPTV – Connecticut Public Television. This includes hosting LIVE and pre-taped TV membership campaigns, LIVE TV auctions and special programming for PBS and Connecticut Public Television. Over the last 25 years Jim has generated millions of dollars in viewer support for programming via on-camera appeals and he’s interviewed numerous celebrities and news makers on set and on location. In addition, he’s hosted national segments for PBS network shows with special celebrity guest in studio interviews in support of PBS programming. In 2010, Jim received a special and rare proclamation voted on and passed by the Board of Directors of CPBN noting his years of tireless service, his on-camera persona and his on-air success on CPTV. Jim continues to generate goodwill, a strong viewer connection and significant revenue via ad-lib and scripted direct to camera on-air appeals resulting in immediate viewer response. Jim also represents the station as stage host and master of ceremonies for numerous celebrity on-stage concert events and meet and greet celebrity red carpet events. He’s also served as TV Host during “Travel & Leisure” and “Wine On Air” LIVE TV broadcasts.

Jim hosts the award-winning business news magazine show “Close-Up On America’s Business”. An informative TV news program airing on the I-ON TV network nationally in major television markets. Segments have also appeared on Bloomberg, CNN, FOX NEWS and MSNBC. Jim interviews top CEO’s, business leaders, celebrities, experts and movers and shakers from the worlds of business, technology, science, health and wellness, the arts, entertainment, sports and more. Jim also writes each show intro/outro script and hosts the national/regional editions. In addition, Jim Masters hosts the popular radio program, CUTV News Radio worldwide where he interviews fascinating guests from all walks of life, including celebrities, artists, innovators, experts and more LIVE on the air. He also writes/produces showcase feature videos spotlighting amazing people making a positive difference in the world.


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