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Hilary Jones Photography

Hilary Jones is a photographer in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles, employing himself, primarily, in headshot portraits of actors. He knows how economics can challenge the actors in these times. Hilary likes to post pictures on Instagram and Twitter.  He thinks it is important for actors to get good shots that will get favorable responses from agents and casting directors. A good way to find a headshot photographer: is to walk into Argentum Photo Lab at 6550 Sunset Blvd.

There are flyers there for some of the best photographers in Los Angeles. Another good way to find a headshot photographer is to call one of the best talent agencies, and when the assistant answers, ask that person if they know of a good headshot photographer. Hilary is aware of how important it is to communicate an authentic sense of self in headshot portraits. His experience as an actor on Television (Hilary Martin Jones on IMDB) and LORT D Theatre lends him a certain kind facility and understanding of the thespians. One of his favorite roles in the theatre was the role of Orlando in the play “As You Like It” by William Shakespeare.

He’s keeping his rate at $250 for a two hour photo session until December 1, 2015. With three distinctly different backgrounds. And the actor can change wardrobe several times with each background.

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