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Headshots LA is a premier headshot studio located in downtown Los Angeles. Having over 9 years experience, Los Angeles headshot photographer Joshua Shelton only uses cutting edge photography equipment and headshot photography techniques of photographing Commercial Headshots, Theatrical Headshots, Acting Headshots, and Corporate Headshots.

“ I’ve been photographing in Los Angeles for 6 years and have been blessed to work with amazingly talented and creative people on a daily basis.  Call it an addiction but something all the time pushes me to always do more and more to capture the real essence of a person.  Too bring a calmness to the chaos of life and the people who live is what an artist does.  I believe everyone is an artist and everyone has a story to tell.  Telling stories is what I do.  It is what we all do.

I’m obsessed with science, the mind and the future.  Recently I’ve read about a test on the brain that proves how the mind works more when it is at rest. I’ve had this suspicion for quite some time.  Like a cello player performing a concerto or a doctor performing surgery, to do great work you need to go into a concentrated state of trance to overcome the disturbances of the subconscious mind.

People are like walking books.  Some peaceful and some restless, I never know what I’m going to be reading when someone comes in for the photo shoot.  But like the doctor or chello player I have found my way to bring the calmness needed to bring sincerity and originality to my art through coaching and attention to detail.

My favorite people to work with are the ones who are ready to be honest with themselves and to express all the character they have bottled up inside.  I challenge you to surprise yourself today by being free of the subconscience and to truly create.

The art is in the detail.”

Joshua M. Shelton, Photographer

Telephone: 317.522.6206


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