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Nicholas Juarez, Guild Mortgage

Guild Mortgage has become one of the nation’s leading independent ‭mortgage providers by following a ‭simple rule—doing what’s right for their customers.

For nearly 60 years, Guild Mortgage has grown ‭through every economic cycle. ‭Today, no other mortgage lender ‭has their stability, experience and ‭uncompromising focus on ‭customer service.

Exceptional service:

Clients will get fast, upfront pre-approvals from an attentive lender ‭committed to closing their loan on time.

Deep expertise:

Clients work with an experienced partner who offers a wide array of ‭specialized products and programs for every type of homebuyer.

Direct lender:

As a direct lender, Guild Mortgage has control in fitting the best product for their ‭borrowers. Their investor relationships enable them to serve their clients better.

Local support:

Clients will have loan officers they can meet face-to-face, with fast, local processing, underwriting and funding.

Long-term relationships:

Clients will have a partner who’ll be there for them for the long term—Guild Mortgage ‭services the majority of the loans that they close.


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