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Gregory J. Schwartz

Author of: 5 Ways to Save the Planet (in your spare time)

  The information, travel slides, and amazing stories that are presented empower attendees to play an active, yet very approachable, role in the globe’s healing, progress, and expanded awareness. 

What is at the root of the globe’s biggest problems? 
Why do amazing solutions exist but are not implemented? And how do the 5 Ways to Save the Planet work together intimately to solve our most challenging problems? 

     This 30 to 40 minute presentation answers these questions while condensing and simplifying what Gregory has gleaned while traveling to nearly 40 countries, living on three continents, and researching and teaching Geography at the collegiate level for several years.

California State University, Northridge

Geography Department:

Call for speaking engagements

(310) 951-1116

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