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Our goal is provide a consistent level of care to our clients, thereby compelling them to become “clients for life”.  To provide all of our clients with the tools and resources to become financially free and independent to live the lives they dream of.  By adhering to our core values of integrity and dedication to those we serve, we hope to create opportunities for success, both for our clients and our community as a whole.

Why Fusion?

The power of Fusion is the greatest natural force known to man.  It is a power so great that man has tried to harness it for decades no avail.  While natural fusion remain elusive, Financial Fusion is possible.  By combining all aspects of the ones’ financial life, the rest is no less impressive that the awesome power of natural Fusion.  Here at Fusion Financial, we offer that power to all our clients.

Chris Collins, CPA

9333 Baseline Road, Suite 250

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

Office: (909) 484-3404

Fax: 888-717-1620

Cell: 626-833-9759

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