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Elite Investigations, LTD.

Over the past three decades of successful business operation, Elite Investigations, LTD. has provided investigative security, protection and consulting services across their great nation and globally for their clients.

With a business philosophy based on providing quality services, Elite Investigations, LTD. has established a vast network of partners and business relationships with investigative and security professionals around the world. All of their partners have been carefully screened to insure that their operations and personnel mirror Elite Investigations’ business and globally with the confidence that their clients’ needs and requirements will be achieved no matter where the assignment takes them.

In addition to their partners, Elite Investigations, LTD. maintains active memberships in numerous organizations. They include the World Association of Detectives, American Society of Industrial Security, International Counter Terrorism Officers Association and Council of International Investigators. Elite Investigations’ participation in those and other international organizations allow them to access information and on the ground support, assistance and specialized expertise as the assignment dictates.

The result of Elite’s partnerships, memberships and relationships has been the solution for the successful completion of assignments nationally and globally. Elite Investigations, LTD. is here to support the needs and requirements of their clients, anywhere, anytime.


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