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Earth Bistro

Earth Bistro is a family owned restaurant. They have been open since September 2008 and are located in the Trader Joe’s shopping center on Winchester Rd.

Earth Bistro is run on the values of buying local, sustainability, healthy living, reducing toxins in the environment and pure real food. Earth Bistro is owned by a husband and wife who have three young children and believe in preservation on the Earth. They have been active in Temecula Slow Foods, Field to Fork and Local School Fundraisers.

Earth Bistro welcome diners to come give a try and taste for themselves the pureness of what happens when food is made fresh to order with no microwaves, fryers or heatlamps and free of fillers and junk. Just the way the Earth intended for food to be.

Earth Bistro proudly cooks with organic extra virgin olive oil.


40695 Winchester Rd. #c1 ,  Temecula CA 92591


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