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Dr. Darwin Bowles

At Kingdom’s Health Chiropractic, patients are greeted by a friendly and competent staff, who continually maintains a healthy, healing, caring atmosphere.

Dr. Bowles specializes in various chiropractic techniques. He provides his patients with gentle and effective care, regardless of their age from newborns to people in their nineties. Treatment and wellness maintenance plans are provided for people of all ages. Dr. Bowles’ expertise allows him to help his patients heal through a series of┬átherapeutic treatments and maintain optimal health through regular maintenance treatments.

He believes the health of the body is affected, primarily, through the nervous system. The medical field of Chiropractic study is to keep the body’s nervous system at its optimal functioning level. The spine is the bodily structure which protects the nerves, it is important to the organs and tissues in which they supply. Dr. Bowles is trained in the analysis of spine functionality and its effects on the nervous systems.

Dr. Bowles provides ongoing treatment for women throughout their pregnancy, ensuring optimal health through their last trimester and delivery. As the baby develops within the womb, the treatment that the patient receives will allow them to feel more comfortable, more energetic and promote deeper sleep. Chiropractic treatments throughout the pregnancy, have been found to benefit women during labor by decreasing labor pains during delivery, strengthening the spine and inducing a deeper sleep after delivery.

Chiropractic treatments also benefit children throughout their teenage years. Benefits include a healthy spine and nervous system, as well as health benefits for children who suffer from asthma, ear infections, tonsillitis, colic, ADD/ADHD and other childhood disorders. At Kingdom’s Health Chiropractic, a thorough exam of the spine is an important procedure as the child is growing. The exam performed, detects any signs of Scoliosis and any other abnormality.

In addition, Dr. Bowles visits local schools, churches, health clubs, various businesses as well as corporations. He provides health benefits of Chiropractic and massage therapy. Dr. Bowles provides presentations on a variety of subjects, most notably stress relief. The presentation is designed to target the group’s awareness of various ways to reduce stress, increasing job performance.

Dr. Darwin Bowles, Chiropractor


8225 White Avenue, Suite B, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730


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