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Carlos Jaime, CTC Brokers & Associates

CTC Brokers & Associates is a full service Real Estate & Mortgage Company in Southern California.

Having a central point of contact to manage all aspects of a Purchase, Sale, or Home Loan is of a huge benefit to the clients of CTC Brokers & Associates. It is convenient, comfortable and profitable.

As a client of CTC Brokers & Associates, one will achieve results superior to what other agents can provide. CTC will deliver maximum value and clients will end up with more money in their pocket as a result, guaranteed.

If one plans to buy, sell, or refinance in 2018, then one must absolutely start by contacting Carlos Jaime, Broker/Owner at CTC Brokers & Associates. All questions will be answered and clients will be happy to have called. The team at CTC Brokers & Associates are experienced, professional and trustworthy.


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