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Chris Hogan

After a college career as an all-American football player, Chris Hogan began his financial career as a bill collector. This gave him his first glimpse of how much people were struggling financially. Many people were living paycheck to paycheck and many were constantly borrowing money just to bridge the gap between their income and their expenses. After several years, he moved into banking. He worked with clients to help manage their money and businesses. Again he saw peoples’ financial difficulties first-hand.

It was in this time that Chris Hogan became a big fan of financial advisor Dave Ramsey. Hogan and his wife wanted to take control of their own finances, so they started reading and listening to Dave Ramsey’s advice. Hogan was inspired by Ramsey’s mission to help others with their finances. Through some luck and some nudging from his wife, Hogan met Dave Ramsey at a silent auction. They hit it off and Hogan got a job working for Ramsey.

Hogan worked with Ramsey for over a decade before he published a book called “Retire Inspired: It’s Not an Age, It’s a Financial Number,” in 2016. Hogan then started a podcast a few months later. Both his book and podcast have been successful in helping people understand what they need to do in order to have financial security in retirement.



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