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Business Appraisals

Business Appraisals is the offshoot of a successful business brokerage firm, Business Search. As Business Search grew they were faced with a problem of how to accurately appraise the business they were trying to sell. There were many different accounting methods to do this but the range of value they presented was spread over such a large variance (+/- 500%) that they were unusable. By carefully analyzing what creates value in a business, Business Appraisals was able to determine which approaches had the most merit.

Business Search finally determined that it wasn’t a single method that worked but a blended method of a cash flow / asset value / market value that gave them the correct values they were looking for. They were then able to sell a business and work the numbers backwards into their method to determine the methods accuracy. Business Search has been using this method successfully for more than 25 years. Business Appraisals was created as a separate company to offer these same methods to individuals and corporations needing clear, accurate and affordable business appraisals.

Business Appraisals is appreciative of the business that they receive and work hard to provide their clients with an accurate appraisal that fits their needs. Each appraisal is based on the cash flow of a client’s business, assets and market place influences and not averages of like businesses or rule of thumbs. Each appraisal that Business Appraisals does is unique to that business.

Robert A. Klein, Owner


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