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Every Indian bread is served at the Bombay Restaurant is baked in the Tandoor.

This is done skillfully by slapping the fresh dough against the oven’s intensely hot, curved walls.

The meats are pre-treated with yogurt and a special blend of Indian spices for a period of twenty four hours. Then they are cooked in their own juices over a bed of hot charcoal inside the oven.

Choose from a large selection of entrees including the tandoori and vindaloo cuisine.

Specialties include tandoori chicken, lamb. quail, lobster, fish, shrimp, and curried dished. All dishes are served steaming hot, with a warm smile.

You will find our preparations to be fully authentic.

Good food and a warm welcome will make you feel at home.

Restaurant Cuisine of India

Lakhbri S. Multani, Owner/Operator

405 North Vineyard Ave. Suite A

Ontario, CA 91764

Telephone: (909) 937-1282

Fax: (909) 937-1284

Cell: (909) 576-2125


Open 7 Days a Week

Lunch: 11-3

Dinner: 3-10


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