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Allied Universal

Allied Universal provides unparalleled service, systems and solutions to serve, secure and care for the people and businesses in their communities. Their relationships with their employees and clients are at the heart of everything they do, each and every day. Allied Universal’s national reach and local presence covers the continent.

Every day, over 150,000 Allied Universal security professionals head to work prepared to secure and care for the people and businesses in their communities. They are responsible for protecting more than 20,000 client sites across North America covering multiple specialty sectors such as Higher Education, Healthcare and Corporate Campuses.

Technology like access control, intrusion and alarm detection and IP-based video systems allows Allied Universal to customize every level of security to their clients’ needs. Through Allied Universal’s integrated approach to security, the best trained officers are supported by the latest technology like CyCop, their mobile incident reporting platform.

This union enables both proactive planning and the most responsive security programs in the business.

From Allied Universal’s Monitoring and Response Center, their clients receive the right combination of real-time analytics, event-based technologies and the latest in situational awareness from their GSOC as a Service. This enables Allied Universal’s security intervention specialists to provide around-the-clock monitoring to give their clients peace of mind.

When Allied Universal partners with their clients, they can feel confident that they have a partner who truly understands their needs and aspirations. Through Allied Universal’s leading services, systems and solutions—security services, security systems, janitorial and staffing services—Allied Universal is there for you.


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