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Budris Law Group

An effective criminal defense attorney at the Budris Law Group can be invaluable to you when facing criminal allegations:

Protecting your constitutional rights at all steps of the process, from the initial investigation and the arrest, to searches and seizures, the prosecution, plea negotiation, trial, sentencing and appeals.

Looking out for your best interests, present and future. Any criminal conviction can impact your life tremendously and we seek to minimize and avoid negative consequences.

Leveraging our resources throughout the broader community and within the legal circle to obtain the best possible services, programming and results for you.

These are just a few of the services inherent in working with our criminal defense lawyers. We offer comprehensive criminal defense no matter what charge you face.

Founder Lisa Budris has grown the firm over 20 years, never wavering on her sole commitment to providing outstanding criminal defense advocacy and counsel.

Address: 1875 Century Park East 6th Flr   Los Angeles, CA 90067

Phone: 310.853.5887  Toll Free: 800.216.2253


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