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3D Appraisal International

3D Appraisal International is a professional real estate valuation company, which has been servicing different business sectors for more than a decade’s time. The company, which started in the USA, has expanded its borders to the Middle East and MENA Region.

3D Appraisal International’s portfolio includes some of the most popular lending institutions in the USA as well as many lending institutions in the UAE and also provides valuations for the main property lenders plus property investment companies.

Whatever the size or nature of a portfolio, 3D Appraisal International’s certified valuers provide accurate valuation reports, tailored to their client’s requirements. 3D Appraisal International offers investors and developers a unique advantage by being able to combine ground level intelligence with extensive professional experience obtained in the Middle Eastern and North American markets, across all property types.

3D Appraisal International is keen to provide high quality valuation reports with its highly dedicated staff and will also ensure a top notch customer service to clients, agents and lending institutions.

One of 3D Appraisal International’s main priorities is to provide their clients with the best in class service at the most competitive rates along with a 24 hours delivery time.

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